Why Buy Cuisinart Ice 30BC?

Cuisinart Ice 30BC definately makes ice cream worth screaming for. We're making ice cream almost every night. This baby is a little more expensive than other models especially when you factor in the gym membership you'll need to overcome your new homemade ice cream addiction. It's worth every penny- a good, solid, durabe model. That's reason why I buy Cuisinart Ice 30BC.

I keep the bowl in my freezer, so it is ready to go at a moment's notice. When I make ice cream, I wash the bowl right after the ice cream finishes so it doesn't have time to thaw out again. The whole process is really simple. Whip together some milk and sugar, add cream and whatever other ingredients you like to your recipe and 30 minutes later you have the best ice cream produced from great Cuisinart ice cream maker you'll ever eat piled in a bowl in front of you.

We've made strawberry ice cream using just fresh strawberries, milk, cream, sugar and some vanilla extract. No one could stop eating the stuff. Tonight we made some pistachio ice cream- took about 5 minutes prep time, 25 minutes of processing and we were in heaven. Thanks Cuisinart ice cream maker.

The only thing to clean up is the bowl and the paddle and possibly the lid if you slop onto it. For Cuisinart ice cream maker, I should mention that the lid actuakky has a hole in the center for adding ingredients during the processing. Everything fits easily in the sink, rinses right off and presents no difficulty in cleaning. The unit is a little loud. I would say it is less loud than my kitchenaid blender but louder than my toaster. The noise sort of reminds me of the dishwasher running. Priceasite

The best part of Cuisinart ice 30bc is the novelty of it. If you store some basic ingredients in the fridge, you can have ice cream any time and be creative about the kind you make. Left over Halloween candy? Throw it in! Some chopped nuts you didn't need? Throw them in! I think I'm going to try chocolate covered cherries next! Guests think this is fabulous- when they come over for dinner and you can start the ice cream going when everyone sits down to eat knowing there will be a fresh batch of creamy goodness ready at the end of the meal... well, you'll be the favorite hostess on the block.

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