Cuisinart PSC 650 Programmable Slow Cooker - Ice Cream Makers on SALE
Cuisinart PSC 650 is a good product. It's definitely big and takes counter space, but if you have a big family or like having leftovers, this is the right size. I haven't had any problems with the slow-cooker itself, no food burning on the high setting or steam coming out through the lid, for example. It's true that the unit itself gets hot, but I just move it away from any other kitchen utensils or appliances. Cuisinart PSC 650 is heavy, but manageable. I'm not giving it 5 stars because the knob on the lid as well as the handles on the sides are made of cheap plastic, and for that price, I really think Cuisinart could have done better. Cuisinart PSC 650.

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