After graduating from college I quit working as a carpenter, however I was frequently being asked to do side jobs trimming so I needed my own table saw.I buy DEWALT DW745 Price I also make a great deal of furniture. Because I was no longer working full time as a carpenter I had a more narrow focus in finding "the best saw for me." I had three primary criteria in a saw. First I was on a budget, I was looking for a table saw that was more in the $250 to $350. Second I was also looking for a saw that was relatively light (doing side jobs I didn't want to haul around a bulky/awkward or heavy saw.) Finally the most important thing to me was finding a saw with a good fence design preferably rack and pinion. Mind you I understand that this is not what everyone else is looking for and as such you should get the saw that will fit your own criteria.DEWALT DW745 Saw My needs ruled out the DW744 as well as the Bosch 4100. They are both great saws but cost about twice as much as I wanted spend and they are just a little larger than what I was looking for. In my search this was the only saw that met every single need I had. most other portable table saws fit into the really cheap $150 to $200 range and preform much like the Skill table saw that I mentioned above. The Craftsman Professional (contractor series) seemed to be the only other saw in the size and price range that I was looking for only it lacked the rack and pinion fence. However after working as a salesmen at sears and seeing just how often Craftsman power tools were returned I decided that saw was not the design that I was looking for. The DEWALT DW745 Saw was really the exact size/cost/design that I was looking for.

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